Rows and columns a spreadsheet is organized in a

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Unformatted text preview: al names and addresses of the participants when the letters are printed. This feature enables printing of personalized letters for each participant on the list. & First Name & & Last Name& &Address& &City&, &Zip & Dear &First Name&, Pradeep Sinha Pune University Pune, 411007 Dear Pradeep, (a) A typical example of indicate the (b) This is how the name and address how to name and address the letter. get printed on the letter. fields on Figure 15.8. An example of mail-merge feature. SPREADSHEET PACKAGE What it is? A spreadsheet package is a numeric data analysis tool that allows us to create a kind of computerized ledger. A manual ledger is a book having rows and columns that accountants use for keeping a record of financial transactions and for preparing financial statements. Accountants use the manual ledger with pencil, erasure and hand calculator to prepare financial statements. This is a tedious task and often takes a long time due to several iterations of formula calculations to come out with an acceptable and satisfactory financial statement. A spreadsheet package offers considerable ease of performing such tasks by automating all arithmetic calculations and making it much easier to change certain numeric values and immediately seeing the effect of these changes across the worksheet (ledger). With spreadsheet software in place, we are no longer confined to using pencils, erasers, and hand calculators for dealing with any task that requires numeric data analysis. Whereas paper ledgers were tools for accountants, spreadsheet packages are tools for anyone who needs to record, organize, or analyze numbers as rows and columns of data. That is, a spreadsheet package is useful for any numerical analysis problem whose data can be organized as rows and columns. Some typical uses of spreadsheets packages are: 1. For maintaining and analyzing inventory, payroll, and other accounting records by accountants. 2. For preparing budgets and bid compari...
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