Scientific applications being the main area of use

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Unformatted text preview: . For error handling, Ada has excellent facilities for exception handling, which allows the programmer to gain control after run-time errors have been detected. 3. For data abstraction, Ada uses the concept of packages, which provide the means for encapsulating specifications for data types, data objects, and procedures. Packages are specified or written into the declarative part of the program, which is typically at the top part of an Ada program. Then various procedural statements in the program can access the packages and use it. 4. For generic procedures, Ada allows functions (or subroutines) to be written with parameters whose data type can be decided when the function is to be used. For example, it is possible to write a sort procedure that uses an unspecified type for the data to be sorted. Such a generic procedure must be instantiated for a specified data type before it can be used. This is done with a statement that causes' the compiler to generate a version of the procedure with the given type. The availability of such generic procedures increases the range of program units that might be reused. With all these features, Ada turned out to be an extremely powerful and flexible language. However, with a very large number of features, it also turned out to be an extremely complicated language. The development of a compiler for the language is an extremely difficult task. It is also very difficult for a programmer to master the language because it is too large and too complex. Due to these reasons, Ada could not become a very popular language in-spite of its rich features. ALGOL ALGOL stands for ALGOrithmic Language. As the name implies, ALGOL was designed for specifying algorithms, primarily of scientific nature, which was the primary computer application area at that time. It was designed by an international group comprising of scientists and mathematicians from Europe and the United States. The first version of the language was released in 1958, and it was known as ALGOL 58. Later on, it was revised in 1960 and this revised version, known as ALGOL 60,...
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