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Unformatted text preview: introduced. This is certainly not possible. ' A Java-enabled browser overcomes this problem of dealing with new protocols because it can dynamically download the Java-based applet for dealing with the new protocol from the server computer with which it is interacting. The software vendor of a server with a new protocol just has to make sure that a copy of the Java-based applet for dealing with the new protocol is installed on the server. The interactions between the browser and server take place in a manner similar to the one illustrated in Figure 18.4. A Java-enabled browser actually upgrades its capability of understanding new protocols dynamically as and when it encounters a new protocol. Browser User clicks on a hypertext link Browser decodes URL address of the link Browser requests corresponding object from the server Browser inspects the bytes to determine the type of the object and realizes that it is of unknown type Browser requests the server for the Java-based applet to support the object Browser executes the applet to manipulate and display the object on the computer's screen Network Request Reply Request Reply Server Server fetches the object and returns to the browser a bag of bytes that contains the object Server returns to the browser the applet to support the object Figure 18.4. Functional structure of a Java-enabled browser. INTERNET SEARCH ENGINES An Internet search engine is an application available on the WWW that helps users locate the web sites containing useful information and references to such information. For using a search engine, the user has to type the description of the desired information using the user interface provided by the search engine. The search engine in turn searches for the requested information and returns the results of this search to the user. The returned results enable the user to quickly locate the requested information from the vast ocean of information available on the Internet. Major Elements of Internet Search Engines...
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