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Unformatted text preview: g a record enables the user to display the data in the various fields of a record in the same screen format as that used for data entry. The user can specify the record to be displayed by specifying its key field value. The database system usually also provides the flexibility to the user to move between records for viewing different records, such as "go to the first record", "go to the previous record", "go the next record", and "go to the last record". Many database systems also provide a facility to set up a filter that allows the user to browse through and view only those records, which meet some criterion. For example, in the employee database created by using the form of Figure 16.12, if the user wants to view the records of only female employees, the user can set a filter for the "Sex" field and only the records that contain "F" in that field will be displayed. Note that while a filter is set, to user cannot access the records that do not meet the filter criteria. Filters provide a quick and convenient way narrow down the number of records the user has to work with. The command for modifying a record enables the user to not only view but also to update the data in the various fields of a record. To modify the contents of a particular field of a record, the record is first displayed, then the cursor is positioned in the field at the appropriate character position where the change is to be made by clicking the mouse there, and then the contents of the field is appropriately edited. The data in any other field of the record can be similarly edited. Finally, the enter key has to be pressed for the changes to take effect. Some database systems may prompt the user to confirm the changes before effecting the changes and allowing the user to mo to another record. The command for deleting a record enables the user to remove the selected record from the database. To delete record, the user first selects the record either by specifying its key field value or by using the facility to mo between records just as is done in the case of viewing a record. The user then uses the delete command, and the record is deleted. Mos...
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