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Unformatted text preview: on the user's choice, it provides one of the two software free of charge to the user. SLIP and PPP provide essentially the same functionality, but the gene opinion is that PPP is newer, better implemented, and likely to replace SLIP in the long run; however, SLIP more common today. If you have the option, go with PPP. The user is also responsible for acquiring a installing the Internet software tools that he/she wishes to use for accessing various Internet services. Like for remote dial-up connections, fees for SLIP/PPP connections are also normally based on hourly usage the host computer by clients. Commercial Online Services At the time of writing this, this method of Internet connectivity is not available in India. It is used in some of the advanced countries like the US. In this method, a service organization offers a complete online environment access to some or all of the Internet's services by using phone service to connect a client's local call to the host computer of the service organization. The service organization offers local phone access to most areas of country. This means that if a client is traveling with a laptop, he/she can usually access his/her online account from different cities with only a local phone call. There are a handful of such service organizations in the US that provide commercial online services. The popular ones are CompuServe, America Online (AOL), GEnie, Delphi, eWorld, and Prodigy. A client has to register with one of the commercial online services to use the services provided by it. At the time of registration, the client is given an online account on the host computer of the commercial online services and he/she is given (usually on a floppy disk) all the software that is needed to access the service (including the telecommunications software). The client only needs to have a computer and a modem. The client logs in to his/her account by entering the phone number given to him/her by the commercial online services. Once logged in, the client can access the Internet through a graphical user interfac...
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