Simple object types are used to create complex

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Unformatted text preview: pertext. Both presentation and use of text information can be greatly enhanced by using hypertext feature. This feature provides great flexibility of structuring and accessing computer-based text information. It generalizes the concepts of "footnote" and "cross reference" of traditional information (or document) organization and allows users to obtain information just by clicking on an anchor (a word or phrase linked to another document) within a document. An anchor is often called a "hotword". This means that if the user wants more information about a particular hotword, he/she can select that hotword (usually with a mouse pointer) and open a window with additional text explaining that word or phrase. Figure 19.1 shows a typical structure of hypertext documents in which information units are stored in a network of nodes interconnected by links. This type of information structuring allows nonsequential navigation within the information space according to individual needs. The author of a hypertext document determines the actual structure and navigation options (by defining hotwords in the document and linking them to additional text information), and the readers decide the order of navigation according to their individual interests while reading the document online. Generally, hotwords are distinguished from other text displayed on the screen. It may be of different color or font, or the mouse pointer may change into a special symbol (such as a hand) when moved over the hotword. This makes it easier for the user to identify which words have associated links with more information. Otherwise, the user can waste a lot of time clicking on words that have no other associated information. 5. Text importing and exporting. The task of creating a text document can often be greatly simplified if the document preparation software has text importing feature. This is because some of the text you want to incorporate in your document may already exist as a file created by...
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