Soft copy output a computer output that is temporary

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Unformatted text preview: for a read/write head to move to the track where the data to be read or written is stored. Maximum seek time equals the time taken for the head to move from the outermost track to the innermost track. Selection logic: program construct used for selecting the proper path out of two or more alternative paths in the program logic. Also known as decision logic. Self-documenting languages: Programming languages that do not require much explanation in order to be understood by someone reading the program instructions. For example, COBOL language. Semiconductor storage: A storage device whose storage elements are formed as solid-state electronic components on an integrated circuit chip. Sequence logic: A program construct used for performing instructions one after another in sequence. Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire (SECAM): A television broadcasting standard used in France, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Middle East. Sequential file: A file in which records are stored one after another in an ascending or descending order determined by the value of the key field of the records. Sequential processing: A technique in which a number of similar items or transactions to be processed are grouped together and processed in a designated sequence. Sequential-access storage device: A storage device in which information can only be retrieved in the same sequence in which it is stored. Magnetic tape is a typical example of such storage device. Serial port: An I/O port used to connect any device that can send or receive a stream of bytes serially, one bit at a time. It is used for connecting slow I/O devices such as terminal, keyboard, mouse, modem, etc. Server computer: In a client-server computing environment, a computer that manages a shared resource and provides a set of shared user services to the clients. It runs the server process, which services client requests for use of the resource managed by the server. Shareware: See public-domain software. Silicon disk See RAM disk. Simplex: A...
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