Special marker pens had to be used for marking

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Unformatted text preview: . Many people feel uncomfortable using a COM system because of retrieval delays and the lack of facility to write notes on the margins of the reports. A COM system provides an easy and compact way of recording and storing information, and retrieving a desired piece of information in a matter of seconds. It is ideal for use in applications where there is a large volume of information to be recorded, stored, and selectively retrieved off-line. Organizations often need to maintain records of their various types of documents, such as catalogues, bills, invoices, etc., for a number of years before destroying them. A COM system is most suitable for this purpose. Insurance companies, banks, libraries, public utilities departments, government agencies, and many other types of organizations are regular users of COM systems. Screen Image Projector Screen image projector is an output device that is used to project information from a computer on to a large screen (such as a cloth screen or a wall) so that it can be simultaneously viewed by a large group of people. This output device is very useful for making presentations to a group of people with the direct use of a computer. Before such an output device was available, the contents of a presentation were prepared using a computer, the presentation material was then printed on a printer, the printout was next reproduced on overhead projector transparency sheets using a copy machine, and finally the presentation was made using an overhead projector. Special marker pens had to be used for marking certain portions of the contents on the transparency sheets during the presentation. A screen image projector greatly simplifies this job. It can be directly plugged to a computer system and the presenter can make a presentation to a group of the people by projecting the presentation material one after another on a large screen with the help of computer's keyboard or mouse. With this facility, the presenter can also directly point to, mark, or edit certain portions of the contents of the displayed material during the presentation to make the pres...
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