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Unformatted text preview: Extended Specialized Mobile Radio ETSI European Telecommunications FAT FDM FEP FLOPS FM FMS FORTRA N FSK FTP GB GEO GFLOPS GIGO GIS GPD GPRS GSM IC IDE iDEN IDN IEEE IETF IMT-2000 IP IPI-3 IPV4 IPV6 IRG ISA ISA Bus ISAM ISDN ISO Standard Institute File Allocation Table Frequency-Division Multiplexing Front-End Processor Floating Point Operations Per Second Frequency Modulation File Management System FORmula TRANslation ISP ITU Frequency Shift Keying File Transfer Protocol Giga Bytes Geosynchronous-Earth-Orbit Giga FLOPS LCD LED LEO LISP LMDS Garbage-In-Garbage-Out Geographical Information System Gas-Plasma Display General Packet Radio Service Global System for Mobile communication LPM LQ LRU LSB LSD T JCL JPEG KB KDD LAN Integrated Circuit Integrated Drive Electronics Integrated Digital Enhanced Network Integrated Digital Networks Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Internet Engineering Task Force International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 Internet Protocol Intelligent Peripheral InterfaceLevel 3 Internet Protocol Version 4 Internet Protocol Version 6 Inter-Record Gap Instruction Set Architecture Industry Standard Architecture Bus Indexed Sequential Access Method Integrated Services Digital Network International Standards Organization Internet Service Provider (ISP) International Telecommunication Union Job Control Language Joint Photographic Experts Group Kilo Bytes Knowledge Discovery in Databases Local Area Network Liquid Crystal Display Light-Emitting Diode Low-Earth-Orbit LISt Processing Local Multipoint Distribution System Lines Per Minute Letter Quality Least Recently Used Linux Standard Base Least Significant Digit TCP Transport Control Protocol VTOC Volume Table Of Contents TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Time-Division CDMA WAE WAN WAP Wireless Application Environment Wide Area Network Wireless Application Protocol Time-Division Multiplexing Time-Division-Multiple-Access Typeset Quality * *• User Datagram Protocol Ultra Large Scale Integration UNIVersal Automatic Computer Universal Product Code Uniform Resource Locator Unshielded Twisted-Pair Ultra Violet EPROM W-CDMA Wideband Code-Division Multiple Access Wireless Datagram Protocol Wireless Local Area Network Wireless Local Loop Wireless Markup Language Write-Once Read Many Wireless Session Protocol What You See Is What You Get Wireless Transport Layer Security Value Added Network Video Cassette Recorder Video Display Terminal Video Graphics Array Ve...
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