Subprocedure see subroutine subprogram see subroutine

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Unformatted text preview: .) related to the effective operation of a computer system. Software engineering: A branch of engineering that deals with the systematic application of the principles of computer science and mathematics in creating and building cost-effective software solutions. Software package: A group of programs that solve a specific problem or perform a specific type of job. For example, a word-processing package. Software piracy: The illegal copying or use of software. Solid state: Electronic components whose operation depends on the control of electric or magnetic phenomena in solids, such as transistors and diodes. Sort: The process of arranging data into a desired sequence. Source program: A program written in a symbolic or high-level language such as assembly language, COBOL, BASIC, etc. Special character: A graphic character that is neither a letter, a digit, nor a space character; for example, the dollar sign, comma, period, etc. Special purpose computer: A computer that is meant for doing only a particular type of jobs. Speculation: A technique, used in EPIC-based processors for improved performance, which reduces the effect of memory-to-processor speed mismatch. Speech synthesizer: A voice response system that converts text information into spoken sentences. Spooling: A mechanism to reduce the speed mismatch between slow I/O devices and CPU, and to convert mutually exclusive I/O devices into non-mutually exclusive I/O devices. Spreadsheet: A numeric data analysis tool (software package) that allows users to create a kind of computerized ledger. SQL: A standard query language for relational databases. Stack: A memory in which information, which is stored last is on top and is retrieved first. Also known as LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) storage. Stand-alone: In a distributed data processing system, it refers to a computer system that has an independent (from a central-site computer) processing and storage capability. Star network: A network in which multiple computers are connecte...
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