Such a device is called a hydra printer s models of

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Unformatted text preview: ers, different size of print, and the ability to print graphics such as charts and graphs. Laser printers are non-impact printers because they do not have hammers striking on an inked ribbon or paper. Hence they are very quiet in operation. However, like other nonimpact printers, laser printers cannot be used produce multiple copies of a document in a single printing. The majority of laser printers are monochrome, which can print multiple shades of gray. However, color laser printers, which use many different colors of toners, are also available. Color laser printers are many times more expensive than monochrome laser printers. Laser printers are faster in printing speed than other printers discussed before. Low speed laser printers can pi 4 to 12 pages per minute. Very high-speed laser printers are also available which can print 500 to 1000 pages' minute. That is fast enough to print this entire book in about one minute. Because of their better print quality i printing speed, laser printers are more expensive than other printers. Hydra Printers Today most modern offices have the following office equipment - a printer, a fax machine, a copy machine and a scanner. There is a considerable overlap in the technologies used in these machines. The need for these mach at one place and the overlap in the technologies used in them has triggered the creation of all-inmultifunctional device that is capable of doing all four functions. Such a device is called a hydra printer. S< models of hydra printers may not perform all the four functions but may perform only two or three functions. Hydra printers are relatively new, but they may prove to be a popular office equipment of the future. Plotters We saw above that dot-matrix, inkjet and laser printers are capable of producing graphics output. However many engineering design applications, like architectural plan of a building, design of mechanical components of an aircraft or a car, etc., often require highquality, perfectly-proportione...
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