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Unformatted text preview: routing strategy used. 16. The term network topology refers to the way in which the nodes of a network are linked together. Although the number of possible network topologies is seemingly limitless, the four major ones are the star network, the ring network, the completely connected network, and the multi-access bus network. 17. Based on characteristics such as geographic distribution of nodes, data rate, error rate, and communication cost, networks are broadly classified into two types: LAN and WAN. Networks that share some of the characteristics of both LANs and WANs are sometimes referred to as MANs. 18. A communication or network protocol describes the rules that govern the transmission of data over communication networks. These rules provide a method for orderly and efficient exchange of data between the sender and the receiver and for the proper interpretation of controls and data transmitted as raw bits and bytes. 19. Network Interface card, often referred to as NIC or network card, is a hardware device that allows a computer to be connected to a network, both functionally and physically. 20. Computer networks are implemented using the concept of layered protocols. The OSI model provides a standard for layered protocols for WANs. The seven layers of the OSI model are physical, data-link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application. Of the available protocol suites for network systems, the Internet Protocol (IP) suite is the most popular and widely used. 21. Interconnecting of two or more networks to form a single network is called internetworking, and the resulting network is called an internetwork. The goal of internetworking is to hide the details of different physical networks, so that the resulting internetwork functions as a single coordinated unit. Tools such as bridges, routers, brouters, and gateways are used for internetworking. The Internet is the best example of an internetwork. 22. A wireless computing system enhances the functionality of computing equipment by freeing commun...
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