System manual a good software must be supported with

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Unformatted text preview: pensability of an individual for an organization. In large organizations, over the years, the designer and developer of a software may not be in the same organization. In such cases, even if the person who has designed or programmed the software, leaves the organization, the documented knowledge remains with the organization, which can be used for the continuity of the software. 2. Maintainability of computer software is a cause of major concern to organizations dealing with computerized systems. The key to maintenance is proper and dynamic documentation. A well documented software is easy to modify and maintain in the future. It is easier to understand the logic of a program from the documented records rather than its code. System flowcharts, program flowcharts, or comments used within the programs prove to be very helpful in this regard. 3. Documented records are quite helpful in restarting a software project that was postponed due to some reason or the other. The job need not be started from scratch and the old ideas may still be easily recapitulated which saves lot of time and avoids duplication of work. Forms of Documentation The three commonly used forms of documentation for documenting a software are comments, system manual and user manual. They are briefly described below. Note that all three forms of documentation are necessary to properly and completely document a software. Comments Comments are very useful aid in documenting a program. From maintenance point of view, comments have been considered to be a must. Comments are used within a program to assist anyone reading the source program listing. They are used to explain the logic of the program. They do not contain any program logic and are ignored (not translated) by the language processor. Comments should be used intelligently to improve the quality and understandability of the program. They should not be redundant, incorrect, incomplete, or written in such a way that cannot be understood by anyone else. For example, a redundant comment for the statement N = N + 1 w...
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