That is the computer can interpret the stored

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Unformatted text preview: ch are neatly mounted on a keyboard connected to the computer system. 5. A graphical user interface (GUI) provides to the user a screen full of graphic icons (small images on the screen) or menus and allows the user to make a rapid selection from the displayed icons or menus to give instructions to the computer. 6. Point-and-draw devices are input devices that can be used to rapidly point to and select a particular graphic icon or menu item from the multiple options displayed on the screen. Many of these devices can also be very effectively used to create graphic elements on the screen, such as lines, curves and freehand shapes. Some of the commonly used point-and-draw devices are mouse, trackball, joystick, electronic pen and touch screen. 7. Data scanning devices are input devices used for direct data entry into the computer system from source documents. Some of the data scanning devices are also capable of recognizing marks or characters. 8. An image scanner is an input device that translates paper documents into an electronic format that can be stored in a computer. The input documents may be typed text, pictures, graphics, or even handwritten material. Image scanners are also called optical scanners because they use optical technology for converting an image into electronic form. 9. An optical character recognition (OCR) device is a scanner equipped with a character recognition software. It is used for inputting text documents and store them in a form suitable for doing word processing of the documents. That is, the computer can interpret the stored document as letters, numbers and special characters. 10. An optical mark reader (OMR) is a scanner that is capable of recognizing a prespecified type of mark made by pencil or pen. Any input data that is of a choice or selection nature can be recorded for OMR input. 11. Bar codes represent alphanumeric data by a combination of adjacent vertical lines (called bars) by varying their width and the spacing between them. A bar-code reader is a scanner used for re...
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