The cu seeme system developed at cornell university

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Unformatted text preview: p, Gopher, or WWW server sites focused on disseminating timely information about corporate happenings, product announcements, recent strategic alliances, press releases, and other information of potential interest to existing and prospective customers. For example, comp.sys.sun.announce news group contains information about Sun Microsystem's latest product announcements. 6. Feedback about products. In addition to product promotion, commercial organizations are also using the Internet to gather information about user satisfaction of existing products, market opportunities of new products, and ideas for potential new products. This is usually accomplished by putting up an interactive survey application by the organization on a WWW or Gopher site on the Internet. 7. Customer support service. Many software organizations are also using the Internet to provide unprecedented levels of timely customer support. The combined electronic mail, ftp, and other services on the Internet provide all of the enabling tools necessary to provide such first-rate customer support. For example, bugs in fielded software products can be reported to an organization via electronic mail, and bug fixes, minor releases, workarounds, known problems and limitations, and general advice about a product can be made available by an organization to its customers via an ftp server. 8. On-line journals and magazines. The Internet now has literally thousands of electronic subscriptions that can be found both for free and low cost. There are many Gopher and WWW sites on the Internet that deal with electronic versions of many journals and magazines. For example, the Internet edition of the Times of India newspaper is available at the Internet site Researchers are working in the direction to extend this idea to support full-fledged electronic libraries on the Internet. 9. On-line shopping. The Internet has also facilitated the introduction of a new market concept that consists of virtual shops. These shops remain open 24 hours all the year round and are accessible to purchasers all around the world. They provide information about products or services for sale through ftp, Gopher, or WWW servers. Using the Internet services, customers submit specific product queries and request specific...
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