The customer who buys or leases a computer system

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Unformatted text preview: Supports the development of other application software. 2. Supports the execution of other application software. 3. Monitors the effective use of various hardware resources such as CPU, memory, peripherals, etc. 4. Communicates with and controls the operation of peripheral devices such as printer, disk, tape, etc. Thus system software makes the operation of a computer system more effective and efficient. It he.lps the hardware components work together and provides support for the development and execution of application software (programs). The programs included in a system software package are called system programs and the programmers who prepare system software are referred to as system programmers. System software offers several advantages and conveniences to application programmers and computer users in general. Good system software allows application packages to be run on the computer with less time and effort. Without system software, application packages could not be run on the computer system. Thus system software is an indispensable part of a total computer system. A computer without some kind of system software would be very ineffective and most likely impossible to operate. The production of system software is a complex task that requires extensive knowledge and considerable specialized training in computer science. System programmers are highly trained computer professionals. Because of its technical complexity, system software are normally developed and distributed by the computer manufacturers. The customer who buys or leases a computer system would usually receive, in addition to the hardware, some software needed for the effective operation of his/her computer. Some of the most commonly known types of system software are operating systems, programming language translators, utility programs, performance monitoring software and communications software. They are briefly described below. Operating Systems Every computer has an operating system software that takes care of the effective and efficient utilization o...
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