The effective data rate that can be achieved using

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Unformatted text preview: wireless systems than in wired-systems since information may be traveling in free space (with the exception of infrared LANs). Moreover, a stronger level of authentication is needed in a mobile environment where network nodes can potentially join or leave a network at will. 5. Dynamically changing network. In case of a mobile wireless system, the topology of the network changes rapidly due to the movement and resulting connections and disconnections of the mobile nodes. Moreover, the number of mobile nodes in a network cell varies dynamically, and large concentrations of mobile users, say, at conventions and public events, may overload network capacity. 6. Lost or degraded connections. In case of a mobile wireless system, mobility can cause wireless connections to be lost or degraded. Users may travel beyond the coverage of network transceivers or enter areas of high interference. 7. Support for routing and location management functions. Mobile wireless systems also need to provide support for routing functions (to maintain communication with mobility) and location management functions (to keep track of the location of mobile nodes). 8. Limited power. Mobile nodes are battery operated and hence have limited power available. As a result, the power required for transmitting and receiving must be minimized in mobile wireless systems. Wireless Applications Wireless computing systems have several interesting and important applications such as: 1. Mobile e-commerce applications, popularly known as m-commerce applications. 2. Web surfing using wireless devices. 3. Access to corporate data by sales people and other frequent travelers while they are traveling. 4. Mobile video-on-demand applications. 5. Location-sensitive services, such as programs that help finding nearby movie theaters or restaurants an unfamiliar location. Wireless Communication Technologies Wireless communication systems use one or more of the wireless communication technologies discussed below Analog Cellular By using this communication technology, computing equ...
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