The following are the advantages and limitations of

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Unformatted text preview: ay directly contact few software houses instead of floating a tender for quotations. 3. After the quotations are received, the user shortlists a few of them for further interaction based on the cost quoted by them, their reputation in the market, their submitted proposal, etc. 4. The user then personally interacts with the representative(s) of each of the shortlisted vendors. Based on this interaction, the user makes a final choice of the vendor whom it wants to offer the contract of creation of the requisite software. 5. The selected vendor then creates the software package and delivers it to the user. Often the vendor has to very closely interact with the user during the software development process. Note that the vendor need not develop everything from scratch to meet the user's requirements. If one or more pre-written software packages partially meet the user's requirements, the vendor may as well use them along with its own developed software in such a manner that the overall software package so created meets the user's requirements fully. This will greatly help in reducing the overall development cost and time needed for the creation of the software package. Often the user has to order for both the hardware and the software. In this case, the user may choose to place the order for both to a single vendor. The vendor develops the software on the chosen hardware and delivers the software along with the hardware to the user. This is normally referred to as an end-to-end solution or a turnkey solution. The following are the advantages and limitations of ordering a customized software package rather than developing it in-house: 1. In case of ordering, the user need not maintain its own software development team. Maintaining and managing such a team is an expensive affair and may not be justified for an organization that does not need to develop software on a regular basis. 2. It is easier to carry out changes in the software if it is developed by an in-house team. For ordered customized software, the user needs to always depend on the vendor for carrying out the changes and the vendor may...
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