The image of the signature is captured and stored

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Unformatted text preview: ear to be an easy way to input text into the computer for word processing, as of today it is not used for inputting large amounts of text. The main reason for this is that the technology to correctly decipher the handwriting of the users is not yet matured and successful. However, this does not mean that the writing pen and pad is not so useful input device. It is a very useful input device for signatures and messages that are stored and transferred as a graphic image without the need for the system to decipher it as is done in case of a FAX message. The image of the signature or message can be stored by the computer for retrieval by the same user at a later date, or for transfer to another user's system who can easily make sense out of the message when it is displayed on his/her screen. This input device is commonly used in Personal Digital Assistants {PDAs), which are pocket-sized computers having calendar, calculator, and notepad facility. The notepad facility is in the form of a writing pen with a pad and allows the user to make notes of information to be stored and retrieved at a later point of time. Note that the notepad allows the user to input not only textual information but also freehand drawings. Pocket computers with writing pen and pad input device are also used by goods delivery organizations in which the person making deliveries can have recipients sign their name on the computer with a pen. The image of the signature is captured and stored like a photograph without any need for the computer to decipher it. Touch Screen Touch screen is the most simple, intuitive, and easiest to learn of all input devices. A touch screen enables the users to choose from available options by simply touching with their finger the desired icon or menu item displayed on the computer's screen. Computers with touch screen facility use optical sensors in, or near, the computer's screen that can detect the touch of a finger on the screen. The sensors communicate the position of touch to the computer, which interprets the input made by the user. Another technology used by touch screen monitors is the pressure sensitive monitors. In this case, a flat pad...
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