The key to maintenance is proper and dynamic

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Unformatted text preview: fications. Testing is complete when all desired verifications against specifications have been performed. 3 Debugging is the process of eliminating errors in a program. Its' objective is to detect the exact cause of and remove known errors in the program. Debugging is complete when all known errors in the program have been fixed. Note that debugging process ends only temporarily because it must be restarted whenever a new error is found in the program. Debugging being a reactive process cannot be planned ahead of time. It must be carried out as and when errors are found in a program. Debugging can begin only after the program is coded. The approach used for debugging largely depends on the personal choice of the programmer and the type of problem in the program. Testing is a definable process which can and should be planned and scheduled properly. 4 Testing can begin in the early stages of software development. Although the test runs of a program can be done only after the program is coded, but the decision of what to test, how to test, and with what kind of data to test, can and should be done before the coding is started. Figure 13.1. Difference between testing and debugging. DOCUMENTATION What is Documentation? Documentation is the process of collecting, organizing, storing, and otherwise maintaining a complete historical record of programs and other documents used or prepared during the different phases of the life cycle of a software. A software cannot be considered to be complete until it is properly documented. In fact, documentation is an on-going process that starts in the study phase of the software and continues till its implementation and operation phase. Moreover, documentation is a process that never ends throughout the life of the software. It has to be carried out from time to time as and when the software is modified during its maintenance phase. Need for Documentation Proper documentation of a software is necessary due to the following reasons: 1. It solves the problem of indis...
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