The large size of the file would make it very

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Unformatted text preview: ng one or more errors detected by the compiler will not be compiled into an object program. In this case, the compiler will generate a list of coded error messages indicating the type of errors committed. This error list is an invaluable aid to the programmer in correcting the program errors. As shown in Figure 12.10, the programmer uses this error list to re-edit the source program for removing the errors and creates a modified source program that is recompiled. As shown in the figure, the process of editing the source program to make necessary corrections and recompiling the modified source program is repeated over and over again until the source program is free of all syntax errors. Also notice from the figure that the compiler generates the object program only when there are no syntax errors in the source program. A compiler, however, cannot detect logic errors. It can only detect grammatical (syntax errors) in the source program. It cannot know ones intentions. For example, if one has wrongly entered -25 as the age of a person, when he/she actually intended +25, the compiler cannot detect this. Programs containing such errors will be successfully compiled and the object code will be obtained without any error message. However, such programs, when executed, will not produce correct results. So logic errors are detected only after the program is executed and the result produced does not tally with the desired result. START Edit source program Source program Compile source program Syntax errors detected? No Generate object program Object program Stop If yes Generate list of coded error messages Edit source program Figure 12.10. Illustrating recompilation of a source program until it is free of all syntax errors. Linker A software often consists of several thousands, even several millions, of lines of program code. For software of this size, it is impractical to store all the lines of program code in a single source program file due to the following reasons: 1. The large size of the file would make it very difficult, if not impossible, to work with. For example, it might not be possible to load the file for compilation...
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