The main problem with these browsers is that they are

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Unformatted text preview: ally point a: click his/her way around the world on the Internet by using only the mouse. However, graphical browsers requi the web client computer to have graphics capabilities of handling and displaying multimedia data. Therefore, i web client computer has graphics capabilities, such as a Windows, Macintosh, or XWindows machine, then it c be loaded with a graphical browser to allow its users to have a visually more spectacular Internet surfing compared to a line browser. These are many graphical browsers available today with names like Mosaic, NetScape, Cello, Viola, MacWeb, Internet Explorer, etc. Out of these, Mosaic is the best known and probably the most popular one. It is distributed free of charge by the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications). There is also a commercial version of Mosaic available now called NetScape, which is becoming the de-facto standard for browsers. Internet Explorer is also a very popular graphical browser. To give an idea of a graphical browser, Figure.,18.2 shows how the initial screen looks like when Internet Explorer is invoked. Note that in case of a graphical browser, a hypertext link can be shown on the screen in multiple ways such as a labeled button, highlighted (bold and/or underlined) text, or different color text than normal text if the computer has a color display, or author-defined graphics symbols. If the computer has a color display, the usual default is for links to be in both blue and red colors. Blue links are places you haven't visited yet in your current Internet surfing session and Red links are places you have already visited. In other words, once you click on a link and go to that place, if during the same session you ever come back to the text from which the hypertext jump was made, it will show up as a red link indicating that you have already visited the place of this link. This little navigation helper is a great time-saver if you are jumping from server to server searching for information on a particular to...
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