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Unformatted text preview: a user needs a valid username and password to access a particular computer. This is common; for example, for organizations that wish to let only certain people access their computer. Telnet The telnet service allows an Internet user to log in to another computer somewhere on the Internet. That is, a user can execute the telnet command on his/her local computer to start a login session on a remote computer. This action is also called "remote login." To start a remote login session, the user types the command telnet and the address of the remote computer on the terminal of his/her local computer. The user then receives a prompt asking to enter a login name (user ID) and a password to ensure that the user has the access rights for accessing the remote computer. If the user specifies a correct login name and password, he/she gets logged in to the remote computer. Once the login session is established with the remote computer, telnet enters the input mode and anything typed on the terminal of the local computer by the user is sent to the remote computer for processing. Some of the common uses of the telnet service are: 1. Using the computing power of the remote computer. The local computer may be an ordinary personal computer and the remote computer may be a powerful super computer. 2. Using a software on the remote computer. The software that the user wants to use may not be available on the local computer. 3. Accessing remote computer's database or archive. The information archive such as the public database or library resources may be available on the remote computer. 4. For logging in to ones own computer from another computer. For example, if the user is attending a conference in another city and has access to a computer on the Internet, he/she can telnet to his/her own computer and read his/her electronic mails. Usenet News The usenet service allows a group of Internet users to exchange their views/ideas/information on some common topic that is of interest to all the members belonging to the group. Several such...
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