The network must have a very high data rate and

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Unformatted text preview: logy has helped in creating new types of video games that were never possible before. For example, Virtual World Entertainment makes the Battletech Center, in which players sit in a tiny booth where they are fully immersed in a virtual battle. Players can fight with the computer, or they can be networked together to play against each other. Special Effects in Films Multimedia technology is also being exploited by the film industry for providing special effects in films. Several movies now contain many visual tricks that could never be accomplished without the aid of computers. For example in the Hindi movie, Chachi 420, the hero is shown being transformed from man to woman by the use of a computer graphics technique called morphing. In the English movie, Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs were shown as living creatures (although they are extinct and no more exist) by the use of multimedia technology only. Similarly, a number of very successful films, including Titanic, Star Wars, Superman, have used multimedia technology for special effects. Animation Films Computerized animation and coloring have given a new life to the animation film industry. In animation films of the past, animations were created by using handdrawing technique, which was a very tedious and time consuming process. Because of hand-drawing, the quality of animations was also not very good (was far from realistic). Using computer programs based on the precise mathematical laws of physics, animators can now create animations that are far more realistic than ever before. Moreover, with computerized animation facility, an animator can now create in a few hours what used to take days with hand-drawing techniques. Elaborate scenes can now be animated in much less time and cost that might once have been too costly to bring to life, such as the flying-carpet ride in Disney's Alladin. Interactive TV Interactive TV allows users to select TV programs of their interest from remote massive video archives, view at the time they wish wi...
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