The special electronic card is fitted into one of the

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Unformatted text preview: nges to the current position of the graphics cursor on the screen. 2. One, Two and Three Buttons Mouse. A mouse can have one, two or three buttons. As many programs are designed to use only a single button, so a one-button mouse is good enough for them. Some programs are designed to operate with a two-button or three-button mouse. If the system has lesser number of buttons, then such programs can still be made to run on the system by providing an alternative way to indicate a click of these buttons - such as by pressing the shift key on the keyboard while the mouse button is clicked. With a mouse having multiple buttons, the leftmost button is the main button that allows for most mouse operations because most people are right-handed and use their right index finger to click the main button. However, another button can always be configured as the main button. For example, the right-most button can be configured as the main button for left-handed users. 3. Serial and Bus Mouse. A serial mouse is one, which is designed to plug into a serial port (a built-in socket in the computer's back panel to which external devices can be connected). Such a mouse does not require a special electronic card for connecting the mouse to the computer system. On the other hand, a bus mouse is one that requires a special electronic card that provides a special port just for the mouse for connecting the mouse to the computer system. The special electronic card is fitted into one of the expansion slots inside the computer. Thus a bus mouse occupies one of the expansion slots whereas a serial mouse does not need any expansion slot. 4. Wired and Cordless Mouse. A wired mouse is connected to the computer system with a small cord (wire). On the other hand, a cordless mouse is not connected to the computer system. It communicates with the computer system with the help of a special controller that operates by transmitting a low-intensity radio or infrared signal. Although a cordless mouse is more expensive than a wired mouse, it...
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