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Unformatted text preview: aper, the computerized application has the added capabilities of rapid searches to locate houses that meet the needs of the customer. Multimedia Kiosk Multimedia kiosks are often being used nowadays in public places as information providers in place of help desks with an attendant. For example, a multimedia kiosk placed at an airport might provide the travellers with information on tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels, along with graphic images and maps showing how to gel there. A kiosk at a large museum may be used to provide the visitors with information on what types of displays are in which parts of the museum. A kiosk at a cosmetic counter in a supermarket may provide customers witr information on makeup for particular skin types and colors. A multimedia kiosk generally has a touch-screer monitor with a very user-friendly graphical user interface for ease of operation by general public. Animated Advertisements For sales promotion, companies often advertise their products and services on television. Most of the TV programmes are sponsored by one or more companies and in turn they get time slots for advertising their products during the programme. Several of these advertisements use computer animation to effectively communicate the usefulness of the products or services. For example, if you carefully watch the advertisements for detergent soaps/powders, toothpastes, insecticides for mosquitoes and cockroaches, etc., you will see few scenes in them, which cannot be videographed. These scenes are produced using computer animation. Virtual Shops and Shopping Malls The already described video-on-demand system is also used to create virtual shops, which remain open 24 hours and allow the customers to do purchases at the time they wish without leaving the comfort of their homes. In this case, the video server stores a large number of digitized videos containing multimedia description of all the products on sale in the shop. A customer makes a request to the system for a particular type of product by select...
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