Their correctness should be of very high degree

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Unformatted text preview: hat deal with the systematic application of the principles of computer science and mathematics in creating and building cost-effective software solutions. Need for Software Engineering We saw that software has evolved from an item of minor economic concern with first generation digit; computers to one of major concern in today's computing systems. With the increased use of computers in ever walk of life, the volume of software required has steadily increased, and the costs of obtaining this software ha\ grown even more rapidly. With the larger-scale software products, the number of development people involved i a software project has proportionately increased. It was found that managing the development of large software products and maintaining them was becoming an increasingly difficult task. The software projects were frequently faced with the problems of missed schedules, cost overruns, and low quality software products, which were difficult to maintain. Moreover, the use of progressively larger software products in sensitive application where errors in software products could have severe and even lifethreatening consequences required t\ correctness and reliability of software products to be of very high degree. These quality and productivity demamds for software products led to the introduction of systematic practices (later on known as software engineering practices) in the software industry. Goals of Software Engineering The goals of software engineering are to produce software products that have the following properties: 1. Their correctness should be of very high degree. Correctness refers to the degree to which the software product performs its intended, function properly, consistently, and predictably. 2. Their usability should be of very high degree. Usability refers to the ease with which the software product and its associated documentation are usable by the intended audience. 3. They should be cost-effective. Cost-effectiveness means that the total development and operational costs of a software product should be as low as possible without compromising on th...
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