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Unformatted text preview: combining two strings, etc. Thus, this language has been widely accepted for applications in the area of text processing. PROLOG PROLOG stands for PROgramming in LOGic. Logic programming deals with the use of a formal logic notation to communicate some computational process to a computer. Predicate calculus is the notation used in current logic programming languages. : PROLOG is a non-procedural language and is very different from other procedural languages like FORTRAN, COBOL, and Pascal. In a. procedural programming language, the programmer gives detailed instructions on how to do the job at hand. On the other hand, in a non-procedural programming language, the programmer only specifies what is to be done and leaves it to the system to figure out the methodology to do the job at hand. What is needed to provide this capability is a concise means of supplying the computer with both the relevant information and a method of inference for computing desirable results. PROLOG uses predicate calculus for supplying the basic form of communication to the computer, and the proof method named resolution, for the inference technique. Notice that a nonprocedural programming language allows the programmer to concentrate on the problem specification. Non-procedural programming languages are also known as problem-oriented or specification-oriented languages. PROLOG was developed in early 1970s by a group consisting of scientists from the University of Aix-Marseille and the University of Edinburgh. Its first interpreter was developed at Marseille in 1972. It started with a lot of promise for use in the development of expert systems (intelligent computer systems). However, as of now it is not very widely used mainly because of the following two major limitations of logic programming languages: 1. As of now logic programming languages have proven to be highly inefficient. 2. It has been found that logic programming languages can be effectively utilized for only a few relatively small areas of application. CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD PROG...
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