They are also extensively used for storage and

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Unformatted text preview: is not useful. In fact, there are many applications which make use of huge volumes of data that rarely change, For example, dictionaries; encyclopedias; medical, legal, or other professional reference libraries; music; and video can be stored electronic form on a CD-ROM disk for efficient, electronic access by a computer user because all these require tremendous amount of data that a normal user needs to only refer to (read). Because of their high storage capacities and the fact that no one can change the data stored on them, CD-ROM disks provide an excellent medium to distribute large amounts of data at low cost. For example, infopedia is a single CD-ROM disk that holds a complete encyclopedia, or a dictionary, or a world atlas, or a dictionary of quotations or biographies of great people, or information about all educational institutions of a particular type in a country etc CD-ROM disks are nowadays also used extensively for distribution of electronic version of conference proceedings, journals, magazines, books, etc. They are also the distribution medium of choice of many software companies who distribute every new version and upgrade of their software products to their clients on CD-ROM disks. They are also extensively used for storage and distribution of multimedia applications which involve the integration of text, sound, graphics, motion video, and animation. To allow CD-ROM disks to be widely distributed and used on different computers, a standard for recording information on CD-ROM disks, called ISO 9660, has been evolved by the International Standards Organization According to this standard, a Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) is created on the disk which allows storage and direct access of 1,40,000 files on the disk. With this, any one of the 1,40,000 files can be opened with a single seek. A software known as MSCDEX (Microsoft CD Extension), which has been developed by Microsoft Corporation, is used for recording data in ISO 9660 format on CD-ROM disks. The ISO 9660 forma...
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