They do this simply by eliminating unnecessary data

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Unformatted text preview: nto several sub-channels, each at a different frequency. This boosts bandwidth by letting a system carry several transmissions at the same time. Radio-router systems offer a maximum throughput of 1.5 Mbps. OFDM, unlike traditional FDM, uses signal modulation and demodulation techniques, as well as orthogonal placement of I adjacent channels, to minimize interference. Multihop Wireless Networks In most wireless network environments, the radio channel is used to connect the mobile equipment to a base station in a single hop. The base station itself is connected to a wired infrastructure. Consider an environment f where there is no wired infrastructure yet connectivity must be maintained among users who can move around arbitrarily and can at times not be in direct transmission range of each other. Multihop wireless networks, also known as instant infrastructure systems, are designed to provide wireless communications capability in such environments. I Instant infrastructure systems play an important role in wireless communication because due to transmitted power constraints, not all radios are within the range of each other, and packets may need to be relayed from one radio to another on their way to their intended destinations. These systems, however, are more complex to design and manage than traditional single-hop, centrally controlled systems. This is mainly because a fully implemented multihop system needs to have complete support for multimedia, multihopping, and mobility features. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) We saw in the discussion above that many different wireless access technologies exist that are not interoperable. Designing and building networks and applications for each technology would certainly be a very difficult job for developers. With the proliferation of the Internet and wireless communications devices, Internet access using mobile devices has become important for anywhere, anytime information access capability. However, redesigning of all web sites to support downloading of information by mobile user...
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