This avoids wastage of paper importing text graphics

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Unformatted text preview: ext. Hence the embedded codes that the user has supplied for formatting the text are also displayed along with the document's contents as ordinary text. That is, the result of formatting is not visible on the screen and appears only on the printed document. However, such word-processing packages normally provide preview facility that permits you to see what the document will look like (almost, if not exactly) when it is printed. Today, most of the popular word-processing packages are of WYSIWYG type. Saving, Retrieving and Deleting Documents One of the most important features of a word-processing package is to save a document on a secondary storage and to retrieve it later at any time for reuse. At the time of saving a document for the first time, you must specify a file name for the document. The document is later retrieved for reuse by specifying its file name. You may even permanently remove the document from the secondary storage by deleting it when you feel that it is no more useful for you or when you have created and saved a new version of it. When you are editing a document, you should save it at frequent intervals so that you do not lose the updates made to it in case of a power failure. This is because any power failure wipes out all work that has not been saved. To take care of this problem, some word-processing packages offer an automatic save feature that saves the document you are currently working on after every few minutes. Printing Documents All word-processing packages support printing feature to allow users to print their documents on a printer for generating a hard copy of their documents. Some of the commonly supported printing facility in almost all modern word-processing packages and printers are: 1. Selective printing of a single page, specific pages, a range of pages, or the whole document. 2. Single-sided or double-sided printing. Single-sided printing prints only on one side of a paper, while double-sided printing prints on its both sides. 3. Portrait and landscape modes of printing. In portrait mode the printed lines are parallel to the shorter edge of...
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