This capability of computers makes them suitable for

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Unformatted text preview: browser. 21. What is a Java-enabled browser? In what manner is it better than conventional graphical browsers? 22. Explain how the following features are supported by a Java-enabled browser: (a) Dynamic content, (b) Dynamic data types, and (c) Dynamic protocols. 23. What is an Internet search engine? What are the three major elements of an Internet search engine? Explaii the roles of these elements. 24. What are the major categories in which Internet search engines are normally categorized? Describe thi features of each of these categories of Internet search engines. 25. Name three popular Internet search engines. Describe some of their key features. 26. Describe some of the typical uses of the Internet. 27. Write short notes on: (a) Electronic mail (c) Telnet service (b) File transfer protocol (d) Usenet news 28. Write short notes on: (a) Internet search tools (b) WWW browsers (c) Uses of the Internet 29. Write short notes on: (a) Netiquette (b) Internet surfing (c) Gopher (d) Ways to get connected to the Internet (e) Internet search engines (d) Archie (e) WWW 30. List out three different ways in which a user can get his/her computer connected to the Internet. List out t relative advantages and limitations of the three methods. 31. What is leased line connectivity? For what type of users is it normally used? 32. What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? How does it provide Internet connectivity to the users? 33. Differentiate between the method of remote dial-up connection and SLIP/PPP connection of getting connected to the Internet. List out their relative advantages and limitations. 34. Write short notes on: (a) Leased-line connectivity (c) SLIP/PPP connectivity (b) ISP (d) Commercial online services 35. What is IPV6? Why has it been developed and proposed? 36. List out some of the main limitations of the current Internet Protocol. Explain how the newly proposed Internet Protocol takes care of these limitations. 37. List out the main features of IPV6. 38. What is an In...
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