This enables new computer users to learn to use a pc

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Unformatted text preview: provides icons (pictures) and menus (list of choices) that users can select with a mouse. This enables new computer users to learn to use a PC quickly. Several new PC-based applications were also developed to make the PCs a powerful tool. Notable among these were powerful word processing packages that allowed easy development of documents, spreadsheet packages that allowed easy manipulation and analysis of data organized in columns and rows, and graphics packages that allowed easy drawing of pictures and diagrams. Another very useful concept that became popular during the fourth-generation period was that of multiple windows on a single terminal screen. This feature allowed users to simultaneously see the current status of several applications in separate windows on the same terminal screen. In the area of software for large-scale, computers, the key technologies that became popular during the fourth-generation include multiprocessing operating systems, and concurrent programming languages. The multiprocessing operating systems allowed mainframe systems to be built of multiple processors (a main processor and several subordinate processors) in such a manner that the subordinate processors could be used to manage the user terminals and peripheral devices, allowing the main processor to concentrate on processing the main program. This helped in improving the overall performance of mainframe systems by several fold. The multiprocessing operating systems were also used with the supercomputers to extract the best performance from the large number of processors used in these systems. Concurrent programming languages further helped in effectively using the multiprocessing capabilities of these systems by allowing the programmers to write their applications in such a way that parts of the application can be executed in parallel on different processors. The most ambitious language of this type was ADA. During the fourth-generation period, the UNIX operating system also became very popular for use on large-scale systems. Additionally, due to the proliferation of computer networks, several new features were included in existing operating systems to allow...
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