This frequently results in making errors while

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Unformatted text preview: be directly understood by a computer without the help of a translating program, is called a machine code or machine language program. Thus, a machine language program need not necessarily be coded as strings of binary digits (Is and Os). It can also be written using decimal digits if the circuitry of the computer being used permits this. Advantages and Limitations of Machine Language Programs written in machine language can be executed very fast by the computer. This is mainly because machine instructions are directly understood by the computer and no translation of the program is required. However, writing a program in machine language has several disadvantages, which are discussed below: 1. Machine dependent- Because the internal design of every type of computer is different from every other type of computer, the machine language also differs from computer to computer. Hence, suppose after becoming proficient in the machine language of a particular computer, a company decides to change to another computer, its programmers will have to learn a new machine language and would have to rewrite all the existing programs. 2. Difficult to program. Although machine language programs are directly and efficiently executed by the computer, it is difficult to program in machine language. It is necessary for the programmer either to memorize the dozens of operation code numbers for the commands in the machine's instruction set or to constantly refer to a reference card. A programmer is also forced to keep track of the storage locations of data and instructions. Moreover, a machine language programmer must be an expert who knows about the hardware structure of the computer. 3. Error prone. For writing programs in machine language, since a programmer has to remember the opcodes and must also keep track of the storage locations of data and instructions, it becomes very difficult for him/her to concentrate fully on the logic of the problem. This frequently results in making errors while programming in machine language. 4. Difficult to modify. It is difficult to correct or modify machine language p...
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