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Unformatted text preview: series of menus until you reach the actual document, image, sound, file, etc. Gopher is useful for an Internet user who is faced with the question "Is there anything on the Internet that is useful for me?" It allows the user to see information on the Internet as if they were all on his/her own computer. That is, from the menus displayed by gopher, the user can select and display the desired information without having to type the address of the computer on which the information is located or without having to remotely log in to that computer. Gopher automatically does all this for the user in the background. Archie Archie is a keyword-based search tool that allows files, stored at anonymous sites of the Internet, to be searched either by their names or by their contents. You tell archie to search for something by typing a "keyword". In case of a "name search", the keyword is a filename or part of a filename you are looking for. As a result of this search, archie will display a listing of FTP site addresses that have filenames that contain the indicated keyword. The filenames containing the indicated keyword are also displayed for each such FTP site. On the other hand, in case of a "content search", the keyword is a word or phrase that you are looking for as data in files. As a result of this search, archie will display a listing of FTP site addresses and the filenames of the files that contain the indicated keyword as file data. World Wide Web The World Wide Web (called WWW or W3 in short) is the most popular and promising method of accessing the Internet. The main reason for its popularity is the use of a concept called hypertext. Hypertext is a new way of information storage and retrieval that enables authors to structure information in novel ways. An effectively designed hypertext document can help users rapidly locate the desired type of information from the vast amount of information on the Internet. Hypertext documents enable this by using a series of links. A link can be shown on the screen in multiple ways such as a labeled button, highlig...
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