This input device has been found to be very useful in

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Unformatted text preview: ossibility of human error in data entry, the trend in data entry has been towards decreasing the number of transcription (copying data by typing, keying or writing) steps. This is accomplished by entering the data directly from the source document. Data scanning devices are input devices used for direct data entry into the computer system from source documents. Some of the data scanning devices are also capable of recognizing marks or characters. Data scanning devices typically have the following characteristics: 1. They eliminate some of the duplication of human effort required to get data into the computer. Human beings do not have to key the data. 2. The reduction in human intervention improves data accuracy and can increase the timeliness of the information processed. 3. Since scanners are direct data entry devices, they demand high quality of input documents. Documents that are poorly typed or have strikeovers or erasures are normally rejected. 4. With these devices, form design and ink specification may become more critical than is the case when people key the data from the forms. Data scanning devices are of many types. Some of the commonly used ones are described below. Image Scanner An image scanner is an input device that translates paper documents into an electronic format that can be stored in a computer. The input documents may be typed text, pictures, graphics, or even handwritten material. This input device has been found to be very useful in preserving paper documents in electronic form. The copy of a document stored in a computer in this manner will never deteriorate in quality or become yellow with age and can be displayed or printed whenever desired. If the computer in which the scanned document is stored has the right kind of software (called image-processing software), the stored images can be altered and manipulated in interesting ways. Image scanners are also called optical scanners because they use optical technology for converting an image into electronic form. That is, they convert an image into electronic form by shining light...
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