This is important for achieving maximum efficiency of

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Unformatted text preview: ype of scenario, computers interact with each other in client-server mode and may keep changing their roles of client and server at different occasions. In such a situation, a full-fledged computer like a PC or a workstation is required to serve as a terminal for communicating with a remote computer. But a PC or a workstation is not a terminal, and does not act like a terminal. A simple way to solve this problem is to write a software program that runs on the PC or workstation and communicates with the network interface over a serial port on the PC or workstation and pretends that it is a terminal. Such a program is called a terminal emulator. Privacy Filter Privacy filters are used with monitors to prevent others sitting/standing nearby the monitor from viewing the contents displayed on it. Often users work with sensitive information displayed on their monitors in an open area and always have the fear of their co-workers around them viewing the displayed information. To overcome this problem, you can use a privacy filter, which fits over your monitor's screen, covering the displayed contents from people on either side of you. It is made of a plastic film that is inlaid with microscopic black strips. If you are sitting in front of the screen, you can see through the filter clearly. To others, the screen looks black. Economically Designed Devices Ergonomics is the science that deals with designing and arranging machines and other things in such a way that their users can use them with maximum efficiency of the. This is important for achieving maximum efficiency of the people working on these machines and protecting them from accidents or medical problems caused due to continuous usage of a machine for long hours. For example, prolonged usage of a badly designed keyboard can cause wrist problems, sometimes so serious as to require surgery. Similarly, prolonged usage of a badly designed monitor can cause eyesight problems. To help prevent these types of problems, manufactures of I/O devices are continuously working towards making ergonomically be...
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