This is made possible by using slip serial line

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Unformatted text preview: -up Connection We saw that the gateway computer system of a direct/leased-line connection can be used to provide Internet connectivity to other computers via it. This idea has led to the concept of Internet Service Provider (ISP). An ISP is an organization that maintains a gateway computer system having direct/leased-line connectivity to the Internet and provides Internet access facility to other users (that are registered with it) by allowing them to connect their personal computers to its own gateway computer by using a modem. This method of connecting a user's personal computer to the Internet is known as remote dial-up connection. The ISP's gateway computer is called a host or server, and the user's computer is called a client or remote machine. Using his/her personal computer, the user has to first log in to the server computer in order to use its connection to the Internet. rFor a remote dial-up connection, a user requires a computer with some basic telecommunications software, a • telephone line, and a modem. Today, you can buy a computer with a modem already installed in it. However, if fyou already have a computer and you need to buy only a modem, the recommenced speed for a new modem is 128.8 Kilobits/sec or faster. With this kind of connection, a user is assigned on account on the host computer. This includes assignment of an (e-mail name, or address, such as and allocation of some disk space on the host computer. For fusing the Internet facility, the user dials up the host computer by using his/her computer and the modem and then logs in to the host computer by using his/her email name and password. The user then uses the host computer's Internet software to access the Internet. The actual level of user's Internet access is dependent on the Internet software running on the host (different hosts may offer different packages of services - e-mail, FTP, telnet, Usenet news, gopher, WWW, etc.). Moreover, the user is also required to learn a little about the host computer': operating system to take advantage of his/her conn...
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