This sentence is written in helvetica font this

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Unformatted text preview: e and store multiple standard page format styles (called style sheets) for different categories of documents like memos, letters, reports, books, etc. Most word-processing software come with a few pre-stored style sheets. The basic idea is to save time and effort of re-creating a page format every time you have to create a new document. When you create a new document, you simply choose a style sheet from the list of pre-stored style sheets depending on the document type. All the page format specifications defined in the chosen style sheet automatically apply to the new document. You can even modify a few specifications of a style sheet that you want differently from the standard specifications in the style sheet. This can be done much faster than defining all the format specifications afresh. The beauty of a word-processing package is that you can change page format specifications as often as needed. There is no need to re-type the document if it is to be printed with a different page format. For example, a document prepared with multi-column page format can be converted to a single-column page format just by changing the page format style. The document is printed according to the most recent format specifications. Formatting Text A word-processing package not only allows you to format page styles but it also has features for formatting portions of text to improve the general appearance and readability of a document. Text formatting features normally include things such as: 1. Selection of an appropriate font. A font is a complete set of characters with the same style and size. A word-processing package comes with several standard fonts such as Times, Helvetica, Palatino,etc. Different fonts may be applied to different portions of the same document. For example, chapter heading, section heading and the running text of a book may have three different fonts. A particular font should be used only if your word-processing package as well as your printer supports that font. Figure 15.1 shows a few different font types. 2. Selection of a...
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