This software is used to convert speech into

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Unformatted text preview: eo recording will produce CD-quality audio but will require a bandwidth of 44100 x 16 x 2 = 1.4 Mb/s. In general, an audio clip lasts for several seconds. Hence audio files are very large requiring large storage space. For example, with reference to the example given above, a 20 seconds CD-quality audio clip will require 1.4 x 20 = 28 Mb = 3.5 Mbytes of storage. Again, digital audio compression or a compromise in quality can be applied to reduce the storage requirement. Hardware Requirements for Audio Computer audio generally involves the following hardware devices: 1. A sound board with all the features already described before. 2. Some type of input device (such as a microphone) is used for audio input to record a human voice or music or any type of sound in a computer. The A/D converter of the sound board takes care of digitizing the input sound. 3. Some type of output device (such as speakers or headphones) is used for audio output to listen to a recorded sound. The D/A converter of the sound board takes care of converting the sound from its digital to analog form. 4. MIDI devices may also be used as both input and output devices for audio data. 5. Synthesized sound can also be generated on a computer using keyboard (as interaction device) and sound sequencer software. 6. Sound editors are used to cut and paste sound sequences, to add special effects, and to create new sound sequences from existing sound sequences. 7. Audio mixers are used to combine multiple channels of sound with controls like synchronization points. Software Requirements for Audio In addition to the above listed tools and devices, the following capabilities are highly desirable in a multimedia computer system with audio facility: 1. Audio clips. This is a library of audio clips (pre-made sound effects, music, and narration) from which one can select and directly import an audio clip and use it in a multimedia application. This saves enormous time and effort that might otherwise be required to create a similar audio clip. This is also useful if one does not have the facility to create sound sequences. An audio...
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