This step will normally reduce the list of selected

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Unformatted text preview: below. A user must make a careful analysis of his/her requirements and the relative advantages and limitations mentioned below before deciding on a particular option for obtaining desired software. Buying Pre-written Software Thousands of pre-written software packages are available today. If you can find a software package that meets your requirements, purchasing it is probably the best option. The following steps are typically followed in selecting and buying a pre-written software package by a user: 1. The user must first prepare a list of all available software packages that are meant for performing the task(s) for which the user is looking for a software. Some of the commonly used sources of information for preparing the lisj are advertisements and reviews of software products published in computer magazines, and demonstrations in retain stores that sell software packages. 2. The second step is to select only those software packages from the list prepared above that will meet the requirements of the user. For example, not all software packages run on all computers. So the user must select only those software packages that are compatible with the available/planned hardware. Other factors that are commonly used to further narrow down the selection list are the input data format accepted, the format and contents of the output produced, the range of I/O devices supported, the file formats supported for storage, the average response time, and the quality of the documents supported by the software package. This step will normally reduce the list of selected software packages to only a few candidates. 3. The third step is to choose the best one from the list of selected candidates. The factors commonly used for this purpose are actual demonstration of the usage of the package on user's system with his/her data, the duration and level of warranty support provided by the software vendor, and the cost of the package as compared to other selected candidates. 4. The final step is to find out the source from where the finally chosen software can be purchased at the cheapest price. Possible...
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