This system software is known as operating system in

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Unformatted text preview: r a logic error in a program? Give reasons for your answer. 12. What is a program bug? What is debugging? 13. In high-level languages, a single syntax error often causes multiple error messages to be generated. Explain why. 14. Describe the various methods that may be used to locate and correct logic errors. 15. What is a debugger? How does it help a programmer? 16. In the context of debugging of a program, what is a checkpoint? What are the two commonly supported types of checkpoints in modern debuggers? How are they useful? 17. Differentiate between a breakpoint and a watchpoint in the context of program debugging. 18. What is a memory dump? How is it useful for a programmer? 19. Differentiate between testing and debugging. 20. Testing is a definable process, which can and should be planned and scheduled properly. Discuss. 21. Testing can begin in the early stages of software development while debugging can begin only after the program is coded. Discuss. 22. What is software documentation? Why is it needed? 23. Describe the different types of documentation normally used for documenting a software system. 24. What are program comments? Why are they needed? 25. What is a system manual of a software system? What type of information does it typically contain? 26. What is a user manual of a software system? What type of information does it typically contain? 27. What is documentation standard? Why is it needed? 28. What type of operations is normally carried out in the system changeover process? 29. Describe the three different methods of system changeover along with their advantages and disadvantages. 30. Immediate changeover is a risky method of deploying a new system. Explain why. 32. In what situations is the parallel run method of deploying a new system not preferred? 33. Why is system evaluation needed? What are the main parameters normally used to evaluate a new system? 34. Why do we need to modify a system if it is currently operating well? 35. Why is system maintenance considered an important process in the overall life cycle of a computerized system? 36. How can frequent program modifications be...
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