This ultimately resulted in a new generation of

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Unformatted text preview: es that example to find other similar images in the database. Support for Multimedia User Interface The diverse nature of multimedia data requires an equally diverse user interface for interacting with the database. Since multimedia database systems require spatial and temporal rendering of multimedia data, the user interface design must include features to control and devices to render the presentation. This may include simple VCR-type control panels enabling the user to play, fast-forward, pause, or rewind a presentation, as well as more advanced controls including interactive data filtering, querying, and visual perspective controls. In addition, the user interface should also have features to allow the user to control the quality of service (QoS) parameters to adjust for resource limitations, cost of delivery, and personal visual and aural preferences. KNOWLEDGEDISCOVERYINDATABASES_(KDD) The tremendous success of database technology has resulted in a huge amount of data stored in databases in all types of industries and organizations. The amount of data being collected and stored in databases continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. A question that has become common for the owners of many databases is "What do we do with so much of gathered data? Should we discard several years old data and keep only the recent ones?" But people have realized that old data should not be discarded because it contains some valuable information implicitly coded within it. Organizations have begun to realize that the volumes of data they have been storing contain an important, and largely ignored, resource - broad knowledge about their businesses that could support better business decisionmaking if properly exploited. For example, data collected in scientific databases if properly analyzed can provide useful observations carefully collected about some phenomenon under study; data collected in business databases if properly analyzed can provide useful information about critical markets, competitors, and customers; and da...
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