To meet this demand several vendors are now producing

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Unformatted text preview: sis than just the whole organization. 2. To log the Internet traffic. Proxy servers can be configured to log every IP address, date and time of access, URL, number of bytes downloaded, and so on. This information can be used to analyze any attacks against the organization's systems. It can also be used to analyze who spends how much time on the Internet and what types of information does he/she accesses. 3. To scan viruses entering through the Internet. Proxy servers can be configured to scan all incoming information for potential virus attacks through the Internet. This protects the organization's computers from virus attacks because many computer viruses penetrate an organization's systems via the Internet. 4. To cache recently accessed web pages. Proxy servers can also be used to speed up performance of some Internet services by caching recently accessed web pages on its local hard disk. If someone within the organization makes a request for a web page which is already existing in the cache, then the proxy server sends the web page to the requesting user's computer directly from its cache rather than obtaining the web page from the specified Internet server and then forwarding it to the user's computer. This leads to a fairly high speed of Internet access in many situations. Internet Telephony Internet telephony refers to the use of the public Internet for voice transmission. That is, it enables the subscriber of an Internet service to use his/her computer to make long-distance calls. For this, the subscriber's computer must have a full duplex sound card and high-quality microphone. Both computer to computer and computer to telephone calls over the Internet are made possible with this facility. In addition to the hardware mentioned above, Internet telephony software is needed for this facility. Some of the commonly known Internet telephony software packages are Net2phone, Dial pad, Hot telephone and Phone Free. Some of these packages enable computer to computer voice communication, while others enable computer to telephone communicat...
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