Transducer a device capable of changing signals from

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Unformatted text preview: be placed over a given length of tape. The density is usually expressed in bytes or characters per inch. Tape drive: A device used for storage and retrieval of data stored on magnetic tap medium. Telecommunications: Transmission of data between computer systems and/or terminals at different locations through telephone facilities. Telnet: An application level protocol that allows a user to log in to another computer from his/her current computer in a network environment. Template: A standard format used to quickly create new •documents in the same format. Terabytes (TB): Memory storage equal to about one trillion (1012) bytes. Teraflop: 1012 floating-point arithmetic operations per second. Terminal: See Video Display Terminal (VDT). Terminal emulator: A program that runs on a PC or workstation and pretends that it is a terminal when the PC or workstation is connected to a network and communicates with other computers on the network. Testing: The process of making sure that the program performs the intended task. Thermal printer: A printing device that utilizes paper that is sensitive to heat. Third generation computers: Computers built between 1964 and 1975 that used integrated circuits in CPU, high speed magnetic core main memories, powerful high-level languages and saw the advent of time-sharing operating system. Thread: In a multithreading system, the basic unit of CPU utilization is a thread. A process consists of an address space and one or more threads of control. All the threads of a process share the same address space, but each thread has its own program counter, its own register states, and its own stack. Also known as lightweight process. Throughput: The total amount of useful processing carried out by a computer system within a given time period. It is measured as the number of processes that are completed by the system per unit time. Time division multiplexing: A method of sharing a communication channel in which the total time available in the channel is divid...
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