Transducer is a device capable of changing signals

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Unformatted text preview: or it on the screen (each time you release the mouse button, you record the object's position on the screen); - finally stop the recorder and use save command to save the animation. Now to test the recorded animation, start the player of the animation creation software and click on the colored ball. The ball will bounce across the screen according to the positions recorded during the recording phase. The same bouncing sequence will repeat every time you click on the ball. 2. Screen capture software. Screen capture software packages are used to capture the displays of a computer screen as graphic images, which can be used in animation. 3. Animation clips. This is a library of animation clips from which one can select and directly import an animation clip and use it in a multimedia application. This saves enormous time and effort that might otherwise be required to create a similar animation clip. This is also useful if one does not have an animation creation software. An animation clips library often provides the facility to add a new animation clip or delete an existing animation clip from the library. 4. Animation file importing. The task of creating a multimedia application incorporating animation can often be greatly simplified if the application software can import animation files in some standard formats. Common animation file formats include .FLI and .FLC. 5. Software support for high resolution. If the animation sequences of a multimedia application are made up of very high quality images, it is important to have not only the necessary hardware but also software support for displaying high resolution images having many colors to maintain the high quality of animation display. 6. Recording and playback capabilities. A multimedia system with animation capability should allow the user to control the recording and display of an animation sequence. For example, it should provide the user with options to 'pause' and 'replay' the animation sequence. 7. Transition effects. Animation can be even more interesting if it is enhanced with transition effects such as fade-in...
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