Types of program errors in general there are two

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Unformatted text preview: his achieved. 59. What is HotJava? 60. What characteristics are desirable for a good programming language? 61. What factors generally influence the process of selecting a programming language out of the many options l available for coding an application? 62. Would you be equally likely to choose FORTRAN or COBOL for programming a given problem? Why? 63. What is a subprogram? How do subprograms help in program writing? 64. Subprograms are often categorized into two basic types: procedures and functions. Differentiate between the two types. 65. What is a built-in-function? Give few examples of built-in-functions. 66. Illustrate with an example the flow of control in case of subprogram calls. 67. What is a preprocessor? Explain how a source program written in an extended language is converted into its equivalent executable object code. 68. What is a scripting language? What is a script? Explain with an example. 69. What are fourth-generation languages? How are they different from conventional high-level languages? 70. Differentiate between a procedural language and a non-procedural language. 71. Give the full form of the following: (a) FORTRAN (f) ALGOL (b) COBOL (g) LISP (c) BASIC (h) SNOBOL (d) PL/1 (e) RPG (i) OOP (j) 4GL Chapter 13 System Implementation and Operation In the previous two chapters, we have discussed the analysis, design, and coding phases of software development. After the computer programs have been prepared, the developed software along with the associated hardware enters the implementation and operation phase. The goal of this chapter is to describe the main activities of the implementation and operation phase, which include testing and debugging of programs, complete documentation of the system, changeover to the new system, and system modification and maintenance. TESTING AND DEBUGGING Definition of Testing and Debugging So long as computers are programmed by human beings, computer programs will be subject to errors. Program errors are known as bug...
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