Using computer programs based on the precise

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Unformatted text preview: ime and can leave the classroom whenever they want. Note that just like a digital library, a virtual classroom (which does not exist physically) overcomes the distance and time limitations of current classrooms because it remains open round the clock and allows students to use it from remote locations. Training Employee training is an important aspect of any organization. An organization often needs to impart training to its employees on the processes, products and services offered by the organization. Many organizations have developed and use interactive multimedia training programs for this purpose. A computer based training has many advantages. It allows the employees to take training at their own convenient time. For example, workers on a nigh shift can learn as conveniently as those working during the day, and an employee can stop training when other more important work must be done, and resume training when his/her schedule allows. Multimedia tools are often used in these training programs to enhance their effectiveness. For example, hypertext and hypermedia technologies may be used to allow different employees to get trained at their own pace of learning. Networked multimedia can be used to impart the same (high quality) training to employees working in remote offices and plants of the organization. Entertainment Computer systems were normally considered as a device that is useful in our education, research, and work. However, multimedia technology has now also made them an interesting entertainment tool. The applications described below are few examples of this. Video Games With the advent of multimedia, there has been a boom in the different types of video games available on computer systems. Sound and animation have been particularly important in these applications to make the games thrilling and exciting for the user. Because the sequence of events in such games depends on the actions of the player, these programs are very interactive in nature and offer an ever-changing contest to the user. The virtual reality techno...
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