Video display technologies as already mentioned

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Unformatted text preview: clips library often provides the facility to add a new audio clip or delete an existing audio clip from the library. 2. Audio file importing. The task of creating a multimedia application incorporating audio can often be greatly simplified if the application software can import audio files in some standard formats. Common audio file formats include .WAV (Windows files), .MID (MIDI files), .VOC, and .INS. 3. Software support for high quality sound. If a multimedia application uses very high quality audio, to reproduce the sound effectively, it is important to have not only the necessary hardware but also software support for both recording and playback of high quality audio. Some software allows users to select the fidelity level by capturing sound using varying values of quantization and sampling rate. Some software also has a conversion utility that allows users to convert the sampling rate of audio files. 4. Recording and playback capabilities. A multimedia system with audio capability should allow the user to control the recording and playback of an audio sequence. For example, it should provide the user with options to "pause" and "replay" the sound sequence. 5. Text-to-speech conversion software. This software is used to convert written text into corresponding sound. 6. Speech-to-text conversion software. This software is used to convert speech into corresponding text. 7. Voice recognition software. This software is used to identify the speaker of a given voice by matching the voice with a set of voices stored in a database along with the details of the speaker of each voice. Video Like animation, computer video deals with the recording and display of a sequence of images at a reasonable speed to create an impression of movement. Each individual image of a sequence of images is called a frame. For a jerk-free full motion video, 25 to 30 frames have to be displayed per second. Like animation, video is also an important component of multimedia because it is very useful for illustrati...
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