Virtual reality is a relatively new computer

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Unformatted text preview: These packages allow the users to save the graphic images in a variety of graphic formats and are also useful in converting a graphic image from one storage format to another because a multimedia software might have been designed to accept image data only in a particular format. 3. Clip art. Clip art is a library of commonly used graphic images or objects, such as a personal computer, printer, aeroplane, telephone, flower, building, etc. These images can be directly imported from the library and used in a multimedia application. This saves enormous time and effort that might otherwise be required to create or search and capture a similar image object. This is also helpful if one does not have a scanner or some other means of inputting graphics into the computer. A clip art library often provides the facility to add new objects or delete an existing object from the library. 4. Graphics importing. The task of creating a multimedia application incorporating graphics can offer be greatly simplified if the application software can import graphic images in some standard format. Common graphic formats include .BMP, .GIF, and .PCX. 5. Software support for high resolution. If a multimedia application needs to display very high quality images, it is important to have not only the necessary hardware but also software support for high resolution graphics. Some software cannot display a resolution greater than 640 x 480 pixels. Others cannot display more than 16 colors. Most software, however, support Standard VGA graphic images. Hence, extended graphics hardware feature must also have the right software for displaying higher resolution graphics with 256 colors. Animation Computer animation deals with the generation, sequencing, and display (at a specified rate) of a set of images (called frames) to create an effect of visual change or motion, similar to a movie film (video). Animation is an important component of multimedia because just as a picture is a powerful way to illustrate information, a small animation clip is even more powerful and is very useful for...
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